The Very Different Lamb…Short Story By Natalie, our 8 year old daughter

There once was a very different lamb. He had just been born. But there was something not normal about Zacchaeus, the very different lamb. He was born with shaggy hair instead of fluffy hair. He was always embarrassed. The shepherds noticed him always walking away from the other sheep. They tried to talk to him in their very best little lamb voice they could and tell him not to be embarrassed but (sigh) he couldn’t understand.  All of the other lambs would laugh at him. But when they laughed at him he would just walk away. But when he walked away from them, they would follow him and keep laughing at him. One night he couldn’t sleep so he got up and started walking around. He decided to run away because the others didn’t want him there he thought.

He didn’t know where he was going so he turned around in circles trying to find a familiar place or something familiar. He just kept running when he couldn’t find anything familiar. He ended up in a little cave far away. Back at the herd it was time to shave the sheep. They herded the sheep and counted them and they noticed that they were missing a lamb and that it was Zacchaues. They looked everywhere (sigh) but (pause) they couldn’t find him. They all hoped that they would find him (surprisingly even the lambs that laughed at him hoped that they would find him). They missed him a whole lot. At the cave Zacchaeus was starting to get homesick. I hope they are not looking for me he thought. The sheep who didn’t like me probably aren’t missing me.

Back at the house one of the sheep decided he wanted to apologize to Zaccheus for being mean and calling him mean names. But then he realized he didn’t know where Zacchaeus was. So when the shepherds fell asleep, Stewart, the sheep that wanted to apologize, left to find Zacchaeus. At the cave Zacchaeus had a sick feeling. He hadn’t eaten since he left the herd and that was a week ago. He would look for food when he had extra time (which he had a whole lot of extra time to look for food) but he could never find any of food. Stewart had been hungry too and still was. But he had still been looking for Zacchaeus to apologize he had been looking since midnight and it was 5:00am.

The shepherds were worried because they had lost two sheep and because they were worried that they would lose more sheep. Then they remembered how the Bible said the Lord is our shepherd and that if one of us runs off he will leave the rest of us to find the lost sheep. So they left the rest of the sheep and went to find Zacchaeus and Stewart. Finally Stewart found Zacchaeus and said sorry for being mean and calling him mean names. They waited for the shepherds and then they went back to the herd with the shepherds and promised that they would never run away again. Then they fed Stewart and Zacchaeus.  They shaved Zacchaeus and he wasn’t embarrassed as much. They lived together happily.


Natalie is our 8 year old daughter. She has a love for learning that is evident through her writing. She wrote this story… in it’s entirety… on her own… I’m excited to see her integrate her spiritual walk with her storytelling…

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