The Land Between…

The  Land Between…That’s the title of a book by Jeff Manion, a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He gave an inspiring message at the Willowcreek Leadership Summit this year, and I’ve spent the last few weeks reading and reflecting on his message.  The book is an excellent resource for people who find themselves in a difficult transitional state:  The college student who is trying to figure out the next step after graduating, the middle-aged couple caring for aging parents and launching kids into adulthood,  the business man or woman who has been downsized and is waiting for the next job opportunity. You get the picture. The more I think about it, if we’re not going through a difficult transition in our life at present, we can be assured one is just around the corner.

The parallel of our life experience with the experience of the Israelites as Moses led them from Egypt is a rich thread of Scripture that can apply to so many situations we face in life.  I found his talk and this book a great reminder of what to do in the land between.  Here are 5 common stages to think about if you are in the land between. How we handle each stage determines how well we move through the transitions in life we experience.


The Exodus journey was full of opportunity to complain. In fact, the Isrealites complained so much, that they moved their way into the second stage very quickly…

2. Meltdown

Complaining long enough will lead to a moment of historic meltdown and it’s in those times that we often cry out to God. You’re in good company if you ever have a meltdown. The Bible is full of stories of men and women who had these experiences.

3. Provision

God, in His faithfulness to us, responds when we call out to Him.  However, it’s often in this season that we become impatient and frustrated if the outcome of what God provides is not what we wanted.

4. Discipline

Often, as we re-calibrate in the season of provision, God, in his own loving and directive way, will use this time in the land between to discipline us.

5. Growth

And if we are obedient and patient, we will see growth in our lives as we move through the transition.

Give some thought today to where you are in the journey of the land between.

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