20 reasons I love my wife on our 20th anniversary (in no particular order):

20.       She laughs at my jokes

19.       She is a great kisser

18.       She is genuine and sincere and cares about people

17.       She is beautiful

16.       She is organized and is an administrative marvel

15.       She is talented

14.       She is intelligent

13.       She loves me even though she knows my flaws and failures

12.       She makes the adventure of life fun and memorable

11.       She loves God

10.       She is a great mother to our kids

9.         She prays for our family

8.         She believes in me more than I believe in myself

7.         She cooks spaghetti just like my mom

6.         She embraces and willingly follows the call of God on our lives

5.         She makes me a better person

4.         She is my best friend and confidant

3.         She understands me

2.         She makes my heart skip a beat when she holds my hand

1.         She is a great person

I love you Stephanie…. I look forward to many, many more years of life with you.


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