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Don’t Hold Back

It was the last game of the year, September 28. The batting title for the National League was clearly going to be decided on the last day. Jose Reyes had a chance to be the first New York Met to ever win the title. What he did next certainly has spurred debate for days.

Reyes bunted early in the game and was successful at his first at bat. Instead of continuing to play the game, he requested that his manager take him out of the game to preserve his batting average (.337) and all but secure his batting title.

70 years ago to the day that Reyes finished his year this way, there was another player who was chasing a batting title. He was sitting on a .3996 average (it would have been rounded to .400) and his Boston Red Sox were scheduled for a double-header on the last day.

Ted Williams’ manager urged him to not play and preserve his .400 batting average and title. Williams refused and proceeded to go 6 for 8 in the 2 games. By the end of the day, he had pushed his average to .406. He was quoted as saying, “if I can’t hit .400 all the way, I don’t deserve it.” Two players, two very different approaches.

When I think of these 2 guys, I can’t help but think of a parable that Jesus shared in Matthew 25, the parable of the bags of gold…the talents. A rich man who was headed on a long trip called three of his workers together. The first worker was given 5 bags of gold, the second 2, and the final worker, 1 bag. He entrusted his wealth to them and the worker with 5 bags double his money while the rich man was gone. The man with 2 bags did the same. The third man, however, buried his bag of gold and returned the gold to the owner without increasing it one coin.

I don’t know about you, but with the resources and talents that God has given me, I often find myself more like Reyes than I do Williams… happy to do just enough to be secure and safe, but not willing to risk more and do more for God. How about you? The 2 men who used what they were given were called faithful and were given more. The one who played it safe lost it all and wasn’t given another chance.

That’s something to consider today. What has God given you? And what is your response? Don’t hold back…. Live the life you were meant to live, risking more for God and making a difference.

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