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Are We Rich?

The past 4 years have been some of the toughest economic years in our country’s modern history. Wide fluctuations in the stock market, the unemployment rate, and the weekly barrage of negative reports about the state of our economy have affected the families of America. Not too long ago our family heard an economic report that wasn’t encouraging and one of our kids asked if we were rich. What an opportunity to teach a lesson and to remind myself….

Our American mentality has skewed so many of us into believing that if we don’t have everything that a neighbor has, we’re not wealthy. If we don’t have the new iphone or ipad, trendy clothes, or the new car… then we’re “not rich”. A few years ago I found a website that gave me a dose of reality when it came to comparisons I was making. Take a look at globalrichlist.com. Enter your family income and it will compare your income to the income of families worldwide.
You will see very quickly that you indeed are “rich” and that God has blessed you. Perspective is key in times like these.

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