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Audibles Episode 1 “Free Grill Assembly”


Several years back I got an advertisement in the mail from Home Depot that interested me. My birthday was approaching and I had let Stephanie know that I’d like to get a grill for my birthday. The ad had a title that was music to my ears “Free Grill Assembly”. You see I’m not the best do-it-your-selfer and I really wasn’t interested in learning how to assemble a grill.

I made my way to Home Depot to pick out my pre-assembled grill—and sure-enough—they had the grill I was looking for assembled and ready for me to take out of the store. I was thinking to myself—Barry you sure are smart—you saved a couple of hours putting it together and the assembly was free. Things were going great until I got to our van—and opened the sliding door and you guessed it—the assembled grill wouldn’t fit in the van.

For about 20 minutes I tried various combinations of angles, and other doors on the van to get the grill in the van in one piece. Several women passed by the van—pointing and laughing at my sad, futile attempts. After several tries, I managed to get the grill in the van with a few minor adjustments and some disassemble of the grill-so much for “Free grill assembly”—

Too often in life, we look for shortcuts… for “free assembly” offers. God has a way of molding and shaping us over time and having patience for some of the process can often be a frustrating experience. The Bible says, “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” That’s a promise for you today. What God has in store for you is good and He will be faithful to complete what He has started. Let’s be patient as He works out His process in our lives.

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