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Audibles Episode 2 “#thatsmydad”


If you’ve ever watched 2 younger elementary boys talk about their dads, then you know that they often will get into a discussion about who’s dad is better….
Young kids idolize their dads and if you hear them talk you would think they were talking about superheroes.

Reminds me of the two boys arguing over whose dad is better.

The first boy says, “My dad’s better than your dad.”

Not to be outdone…the other boy says, “Well, my mom is better than your mom.”

The first boy pauses, “I guess you’re right. My dad says the same thing.”

My kids have gone through that phase of idolizing me, but lately, I think they’re beginning to enter a new phase in their view of me… you see they’re teenagers and they’ve figured out just how little I know….

I seem to embarrass them when I show up at their events…. When I wear tube socks with sandals….

I say that in jest, but I often wonder what happened to those early years… In fact, in movies and television you’d be hard pressed to find a healthy positive example for most middle-aged dads…. We’re portrayed as bumbling idiots, out of touch with reality and lacking any semblance of being hip or cool….

As we get older and our children get older and have their own kids, somehow the light bulb comes on. Maybe dad did know a few more things than we gave him credit for…. In that season, we can often learn to appreciate the love and sacrifice of our parents….

Jimmy Fallon, the host of Late Night on NBC, loves to have viewers submit tweets with certain themed hashtags. Recently he asked his audience to use the hash tag #thatsmydad to share something about their dad….

Some of the insights from the viewers were hilarious…

Fallon’s own tweet about his dad was, “My dad wears jeans while running on the treadmill #thatsmydad”.

Dozens of the tweets were hilarious. My favorite tweet was about a dad who fixed his swimming pool in a unique way.

“He almost drowned while fixing a hole in the pool, by wearing a backpack full of rocks and trying to breathe through a garden hose. #thatsmydad”

Many of the viewers paid tribute to their dads praising them for all the love and sacrifice they provided for them. Some, however, were not so funny.

Missing. #thatsmydad
My mom. #thatsmydad
Undependable. #thatsmydad
Angry. #thatsmydad

Often our view of God as our father is influenced greatly by our experience with our own dad.

Whatever your experience, if you are a Christ-follower you can be assured that God is a loving Father.

1 John 3:1

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!

The Bible describes God as a loving Father who protects and loves His children and who is cheering them on. No matter what you are facing today. God is on your side and He’s a dad who is dependable and wise. #thatsmydad.

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