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Audibles Episode 6 “High Definition Mishap”


High Definition televisions had just started appearing in electronics stores, and I had a friend who was hooked on the idea that he needed to get an HD set. He had some extra cash that had come his way and he had convinced his wife they really needed to buy a plasma HDtv. He drove to the electronics store alone in a truck that he borrowed from a friend ready to make the big purchase.

He found the television he had been looking for and made his way to the register to pay for his purchase. As he was paying for the TV the sales associate let him know that for an additional fee they would provide home delivery.

He passed on accepting the home delivery- as he had his friend’s truck and he was a budget conscious guy- and he and the sales associate loaded the boxed plasma television in the back of his pick-up.

The salesman offered rope to secure the pricey purchase, but my friend decided there was no need to tie the box down. He left the store and proceeded down interstate 95 in northern VA headed for home.

The store was about 20 minutes from his house and at about the mid-way point, a vehicle in front of him made a sudden lane shift causing him to swerve sharply to avoid an accident. –You guessed it… The boxed plasma HDtv flew out of the truck bed and landed in the middle of interstate 95.

Amazingly, traffic was light and no one was hit by the box or ran it over. My friend’s adrenaline was off the chart when he pulled over quickly and proceeded to rescue the box from the interstate. When he finally got the box to the side of the road, he decided to open it to survey the damage. The screen was still intact and because he couldn’t really see any other option, he decided to load it back in the truck and hope for the best.

After loading it in the truck, he called his wife from his cell phone to let her know about his misfortune and traveled the remainder of the trip to his house. His wife, knowing her husband was distraught over the situation, was waiting by the front door as he pulled into the driveway. She met him in the driveway and immediately asked him where the television was. He looked back at the truck— and the box was gone…

It had fallen out again—without him noticing on the ride home. They frantically jumped in the truck and drove down the stretch of I95 looking for the box. It was gone. All he had to show for the major purchase was a receipt, the remote control, and part of the owner’s guide. After several hours of looking he decided to go back to electronics store to see what could be done.

He went back to the sales associate who sold him the set and told him his unfortunate story. Instead of sympathy, the associate began to laugh and to call over other salesman to tell them the now humorous story. The store wouldn’t do a thing to help him. The purchase was a total loss—except for the remote and manual… After a few weeks of total frustration over the incident, my friend’s wife decided to offer him another chance at buying the plasma TV again. What a wife!

This time his wife went with him for the purchase… if I remember right they chose to go to a different franchise of the same store to avoid continued embarrassment. The salesman was preparing to ring up the purchase when he asked the now famous question if they’d like home delivery for a nominal fee.

The husband hesitated, thinking again about saving a few bucks—His wife blurted out— “Oh no you don’t! We’re taking home delivery.”

I have a concern today that many Christ followers are much like my friend in this story. They have a precious faith that could provide so much clarity and enjoyment in their life and they are transporting it on the ride of life untied and unchecked. Many arrive at the end of their journey with only a small piece of the life God offered to them.

God promises “life to the full’, but “life to the full” can only be had if we pay close attention to the gift He has given us. Let’s anchor our faith to the core of who we are and see how God blesses us in the life He has given us.

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