Hillsong New York 2013 Conference: Brian Houston’s 10 Cultural Responsibilities of His Staff

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Our team just returned from Hillsong New York 2013 Conference and one of the sessions led by Brian Houston discussed the cultural responsibilities of his staff. Here they are:

  • I am a can do person
  • This is not my job; it is my life
  • I will serve with gladness
  • Empowerment starts with me
  • I am not on the gossip train
  • I am one of them, not us
  • I will bring those around me on the journey
  • My tone of voice is not whiny
  • I delegate, but I don’t dump on people
  • My spirituality is attractive—love God and love people

This is a great list that helps create a positive culture. What’s missing? What does your list include?

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