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Audibles Episode 11 “Flight Rules”

flight rules

A pilot was landing a plane on an unfamiliar runway and as soon as the plane’s tires hit the tarmac, he frantically shouted to his co-pilot to take drastic measures to bring the plane to a stop. It seemed the plane was about to run off the end of the runway. The pilot looked at his co-pilot and commented that the runway was extremely short, to which, the co-pilot responded, “Yes, but it sure was wide.”

At the risk of oversimplifying a very technical concept, I’d like to talk today about 2 types of flight rules that pilots use in flying their aircraft.

Pilots are instructed on the rules of flying and are certified and cleared to fly under 2 sets of universal rules of flight…. Visual Flight Rules and Instrument Flight Rules.

When a pilot is cleared and certified to fly by visual flight rules, that means he or she is allowed to fly in airspace that is visually clear of fog, clouds or anything that would visually impair them from being able to see out of their cockpit window and make visual corrections to avoid collisions and maneuver the plane safely.

When a pilot is certified and cleared to fly by instrument flight rules, the pilot is allowed to fly into clouds, fog, or other visual obstacles that may cause the cockpit window to be useless because the pilot relies entirely on the instrument controls.

There’s a great parallel to these 2 types of flight rules in the way we respond to situations in our life.

Seasons come to our lives where circumstances and situations create a stormy atmosphere and it becomes difficult to see clearly. It’s even more essential in those seasons to fly by the instrument flight rules… by the instructions and tools provided by The Bible.

If we fly by visual flight rules, left to our own interpretations of what we see and feel, we are vulnerable to making mistakes with huge consequences.

Scripture encourages us to “walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Where do you find yourself today? Are you in a stormy season where it’s been difficult to see clearly and have clear direction?

Let’s live our lives by instrument flight rules, holding closely to the instruction and direction provided through close communication with God and His Word.

Something to think about today.

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  1. Flying by instrument flight rules can save our life. During one of my first cross country flights my flight instructor showed me how deceiving flying by sight can be inside a cloud. One literally “feels” that the airplane is flying straight and level, but in reality it may be tilting too much and if not corrected the airplane can go into a unrecoverable tail spin and crash. When flying through a cloudy patch or stormy season we must keep our eyes on God’s directions in His Word. Great example of how our Christian walk should be. Thank you Pastor Barry.

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