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Audibles Episode 18 “77”


Years ago, my son was interviewing for kindergarten. As part of the interview Garrison had to take a series of assessments and tests. One of the tests to determine his level of self-awareness and mental development was for him to draw a self-portrait.

The drawing exercise began and Garrison, who is a rather detailed personality, proceeded to draw his face including his eyes, nose, hair, and ears, and then he drew his neck and a short sleeve shirt identifying his upper body down to his waist…without legs or arms, hands or feet… he stopped and handed the picture back to his tester.

His tester looked at his picture and asked Garrison if there was anything missing in the picture or if he had anything he wanted to add to the picture. She was expecting that he would draw his arms and legs, hands and feet. Garrison thought for a minute and let her know that he did have a more to add to the picture.

He drew on the picture for a minute or so longer and then proudly handed the drawing to the teacher. She expected to see that he had drawn arms and legs, and as she looked at his portrait she began to chuckle.

Instead of adding arms and legs, Garrison had meticulously drawn a number on the front of the shirt of his drawing… number 77.

It’s interesting to me that just as Garrison at this age couldn’t recreate the complete picture of what he looked like, we often don’t see the full picture of who we are.

If you’re a Christ-follower, there’s a transformation that’s happened to your soul and is happening in your soul. You are a new person and you’re on a pathway to Christlikeness.

You may only be thinking about the “77” on your shirt, but God has a complete picture of your destiny and He’s a master artist.

Celebrate the fact that the God who created you is continuing his craftsmanship.

You are his masterpiece.

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