Barry’s Story

The Short Story

Family has been a primary part of what makes Barry who he is today. From his early days as a missionary/pastor’s kid, family has been a central theme of his life. Barry has been married to Stephanie for more than 20 years and together they love doing life and ministry together. They are proud parents of 3 teenagers: Garrison, Audrey, and Natalie.

For more than 20 years, Barry and Stephanie have served local churches in Alabama, Virginia, and Oklahoma in a variety of roles. Presently, Barry serves as an Executive Pastor (Chief of Staff) at The Assembly at Broken Arrow, located in the Tulsa metro area.

Barry enjoys a wide range of interests, ranging from playing the trumpet (he was a music major in college), to racquetball, recreational basketball, fantasy football, and dabbling with tech gadgets.

Barry’s calling to be a pastor developed through his college years, and he has passionately pursued following God’s call in life and ministry. His storytelling, use of visual aids, humor, and down-to-earth style are exhibited throughout his messages.

Barry is an ordained minister with the Oklahoma District of The Assemblies of God and holds the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Music) Oral Roberts University 1991
  • Master of Divinity Oral Roberts University 1994
  • Doctor of Ministry Oral Roberts University 1999

The Longer Story

Barry was born to parents who were preparing to serve as foreign missionaries. His mom and dad were pastors of a church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and after 2 short years, the Simons were sent to Fort Portal, Uganda, as missionaries with the Southern Baptist denomination.

The 2 1/2 years that the family served as missionaries in Uganda were eventful and memorable as, for all but a few short weeks of their time there, Idi Amin controlled the country. It was in Uganda that Barry held his first memories. After being forced to leave the country due to political instability, Barry’s family returned to the United States.

For several months the Simons traveled from church to church sharing stories about their time in Uganda and raising funds for missions. After several months, Barry and his family were reassigned to begin mission work in Taichung, Taiwan. It was in Taichung, Taiwan, that Barry responded to an altar call for salvation following a message his father preached, and weeks later, he was baptized in a swimming pool.

During his elementary years, his family returned to the United States and His dad led churches in Mississippi and Louisiana before eventually accepting the lead pastor role at a church in Huntsville, Alabama. While in Alabama, Barry began to develop as a trumpet player in high school and as he approached graduation, he decided to pursue a degree in music at Oral Roberts University.

During his sophomore year of college, he met Stephanie, his future wife, who was also a music major, and shortly after they both graduated in 1991, they were married. After graduating with an undergraduate degree, Barry continued his education at Oral Roberts University. He received a Master of Divinity degree in 1994, and in 1999, he completed a Doctor of Ministry degree.

While completing their education, Barry and Stephanie added children to their family: Garrison, Audrey, and Natalie. Each of their kids are uniquely gifted and talented and both Barry and Stephanie are honored to be a part of leading them toward adulthood.

Barry serves as an Executive Pastor (Chief of Staff) at The Assembly at Broken Arrow ( He has served this church for 9 years. Barry has a passion to see the local church flourish and accomplish it’s mission. He is most excited when he sees a person experience true life-change that comes through Christ. Through the years, Barry continues to grow in his leadership gifting and is constantly working with the pastoral staff and key volunteer leaders of The Assembly to develop a strong leadership culture.

He also currently serves as a reader for Doctor of Ministry projects, and as one of the Field Education Supervisors for the School of Theology at Oral Roberts University. For speaking requests or to contact Barry, please use the contact information provided in the navigation bar above or click on the contact button in the footer of this page.