• Audibles Episode 18 “77”

    Years ago, my son was interviewing for kindergarten. As part of the interview Garrison had to take a series of assessments and tests. One of the tests to determine his level of self-awareness and mental development was for him to draw a self-portrait. The drawing exercise began and Garrison, who is a rather detailed personality, […]

  • Audibles Episode 17 “No Mas”

    Roberto Duran was nicknamed “Hands of Stone”. He is regarded as one of the top 5 all-time pound for pound fighters. He held world titles at four different weights. His career crossed five decades. He finally retired in January 2002 at the age 52. Legend has it that he knocked out a horse with a […]

  • Audibles Episode 16 “Expectations”

    Not too long ago I was preparing for my 15th wedding anniversary. I knew I was getting into those anniversary years where the stakes go up as far as the expectations Stephanie would have… so I went to work planning a romantic getaway weekend. I planned to drive our entire family to Alabama, drop the […]

  • Audibles Episode 15 “The Christmas Song”

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The Simon family has started playing Christmas music for the season. Here’s a rough recording of “The Christmas Song” from Barry on Flugelhorn.

  • Audibles Episode 14 “Failure”

    As a kid, when I played sports, I spent a lot of time on the bench. You see I wasn’t the best player, I wasn’t the fastest, the strongest. When the coach would call my name “Simon get over here” I always responded “water or Gatorade?” A few times in my career I had my […]

  • Audibles Episode 13 “Christmas Lights”

    A few years ago, our homeowners association was having a Christmas contest for the best decorated house in our neighborhood. I drove in my cul de sac and notice that 3 of my neighbors had decked out their houses and yards with beautiful lights and decor…and for a brief moment, something inside me whispered… You […]

  • Audibles Episode 12 “Butterball Turkey Talk-Line”

    Next Thursday families all over our country will gather together at dining room tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. Most families will celebrate with a traditional Turkey and dressing meal… maybe you’re like many who will slave in the kitchen to cook the perfect turkey… If by chance you run into trouble on cooking the perfect turkey…for […]

  • Audibles Episode 11 “Flight Rules”

    A pilot was landing a plane on an unfamiliar runway and as soon as the plane’s tires hit the tarmac, he frantically shouted to his co-pilot to take drastic measures to bring the plane to a stop. It seemed the plane was about to run off the end of the runway. The pilot looked at […]

  • Audibles Episode 10 “24 Notes”

    I don’t know of another melody that matches the emotion and reflection that occurs when these simple 24 notes are sounded. I’ve played these notes in school assemblies, in patriotic celebrations, and in funerals, and each time there’s a sobriety and appreciation that I feel as the moment approaches to begin playing. Not too long […]

  • Audibles Episode 9 “Marbles and Jawbreakers”

    Early in my life, my parents were missionaries in Uganda, East Africa. Our nearest American neighbors lived 300 miles from us, so my brother and I became very creative in entertaining ourselves. One of the perks of living in Africa was that we had a pet monkey. We named him Monk-Monk. Monk-Monk was determined that […]

  • Audibles Episode 8 “Prodigal Monkey”

    For the first 8 years of my life, I grew up as a missionary kid and one of the perks of being on the mission field was the ability to have some cool pets. Shortly after arriving in Uganda my family added a pet monkey to our family. Here’s a picture of our pet monkey: […]

  • Audibles Episode 7 “Dog Collars”

    Mike Breaux tells the story of a guy from Nicholasville, Kentucky. The guy was brought into an emergency room after a car accident. As they were examining his injuries, the doctor noticed there were some weird markings around his neck. So, the doctor asked him about it. The guy said, “Well my wife and I […]