Hearing the story… short audio clips

  • Audibles Episode 6 “High Definition Mishap”

    High Definition televisions had just started appearing in electronics stores, and I had a friend who was hooked on the idea that he needed to get an HD set. He had some extra cash that had come his way and he had convinced his wife they really needed to buy a plasma HDtv. He drove […]

  • Audibles Episode 5 “Water Stations”

    A few years ago, I traveled to China on a short-term trip. One day on the trip, we had a chance to tour a portion of the Great Wall of China just north of Beijing. There were hundreds of people near the gate entry point… tourists, locals, vendors…all types. Souvenir shops were abundant… including food […]

  • Audibles Episode 4 “Snakes”

    There’s a battle that goes on in our hearts when we come face to face with our own sinfulness. Will we repent and receive God’s grace and forgiveness? Or will we ignore His promptings? Consider this story. One bite of the Pakistani black snake, a member of the cobra family, produces enough venom to kill […]

  • Audibles Episode 3 “Lessons from the Trapeze”

    Several years ago, I took my family to the circus. The big top show was really impressive, from jugglers, to lion tamers, the classic circus clowns… it was the full show. One of the acts at the circus was the trapeze artists. I noticed as the trapeze artists swung from one apparatus to the next […]

  • Audibles Episode 2 “#thatsmydad”

    #thatsmydad If you’ve ever watched 2 younger elementary boys talk about their dads, then you know that they often will get into a discussion about who’s dad is better…. Young kids idolize their dads and if you hear them talk you would think they were talking about superheroes. Reminds me of the two boys arguing […]

  • Audibles Episode 1 “Free Grill Assembly”

    Several years back I got an advertisement in the mail from Home Depot that interested me. My birthday was approaching and I had let Stephanie know that I’d like to get a grill for my birthday. The ad had a title that was music to my ears “Free Grill Assembly”. You see I’m not the […]