• Summit Christian Academy has a new TV commercial

    Here’s a new television spot for my kids’ Christian school, Summit Christian Academy. Next week, the commercial will roll in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area. Our daughters, Audrey and Natalie, are in a few of the shots. The start of school is just a few weeks away. Summit is an important ministry of The Assembly at […]

  • 20 reasons I love my wife on our 20th anniversary (in no particular order):

    20.       She laughs at my jokes 19.       She is a great kisser 18.       She is genuine and sincere and cares about people 17.       She is beautiful 16.       She is organized and is an administrative marvel 15.       She is talented 14.       She is intelligent 13.       She loves me even though she knows my flaws and failures […]

  • summer

    4,3,2,1, Summer is Here

    On the wall, by the door leading to the garage, there’s a chalk board that serves as a message board for our family.  My kids will often leave “love notes” about how much they love mom… sometimes they say they love me too ;)… But this week, I glanced at the board as I headed […]

  • Picture 2

    Natalie has a new website!

    A few weeks ago, Natalie asked me if she could start her own blog just like her dad. She’s an aspiring writer, even as a 9 year old, and she wanted a simple way to post her short stories on the internet. Take a look at Natalie’s new look and read a few of her […]

  • digitalbillboard

    The Assembly now has a digital billboard

    Here’s an early peek at a digital billboard that The Assembly will be using the next 12 months. The billboard is located on the corner of Elm and The Creek Turnpike in Broken Arrow. Notice that the Community Carnival and Egghunt is coming soon. This is a huge month of activity at our church as […]

  • Feed My Starving Children… we packed 108,000 meals in 6 hours

    This weekend at our church we had an opportunity to pack more than 100,000 meals for starving children all around the world. This is our second year to do this outreach and I must say that our people are motivated by this project like no other project we have ever done. More than 600 volunteers […]

  • I’m getting older…

    Recently I had a moment of clarity. I’m getting older… How did this happen?  Why didn’t someone warn me?  This past week we had opportunity for several nights of pick-up basketball.  Another associate pastor and I challenged our Student Ministries Pastor and Childrens Pastor to a game.  6 games later we left with a perfect record. […]

  • tiger

    You don’t see this everyday…

    A few days ago I saw a snow mobile driving down one of the busiest streets of Broken Arrow after we had a record amount of snowfall that crippled our transportation systems. You don’t see that everyday… This week I had another memorable moment. A church member brought a 5 month old white bengal tiger […]

  • Stephanie is finally on Facebook

    Looks who’s joined the world of facebook.  Be sure to add her as a friend and give her a shout. here’s the link to her page:

  • A 3000 mile road trip that would make Clark Griswold proud

    So this was the year we were taking the family on a cross-country family road trip. I had 2 weeks of vacation at Christmas and we determined to celebrate Christmas at both parents houses this year. The track from Oklahoma to Alabama to Virginia back to Oklahoma spanned 12 states and the District of Columbia […]

  • The Land Between…

    The  Land Between…That’s the title of a book by Jeff Manion, a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He gave an inspiring message at the Willowcreek Leadership Summit this year, and I’ve spent the last few weeks reading and reflecting on his message.  The book is an excellent resource for people who find themselves in a […]

  • js

    Remembering my father, Jerry Simon, 17 years later…

    Today marks 17 years.  It’s hard to believe that 17 years have come and gone since my father was murdered.  I remember the details of that day like it was yesterday.  The feeling in my stomach as I heard the news that he had been shot…. the shock of the possibility that he might not […]