• audreyanddad

    Audrey’s Big Day

    Yesterday, Audrey was awarded her honor star crown at a ceremony at The Assembly. She is a beautiful young woman who is maturing and growing everyday. We recently received 2 reports from adult team leaders who led her on her summer missions trip and one remarked that Audrey was a hard worker, and the other […]

  • Safari Adventure

    Pictures from our recent trip to Tanzania.

  • usariver

    Point! Point!

    It was Sunday and I was scheduled to speak at one of the satellite campuses of Maranatha Church in Arusha, Tanzania. Garrison and I started the morning at the main campus and after 30 minutes in the main service, we were transported about 40 minutes away to a smaller campus church where service was already […]

  • Seven Leadership Paradoxes

    ‎Here are seven leadership paradoxes that I find very challenging and thoughtful. 1. Power without rudeness 2. Kindness without weakness 3. Boldness without bullying 4. Humility without timidity 5. Pride without arrogance 6. Humor without foolishness 7. Optimism without fantasy 7 pardoxes qouted from Michael Goldsmith’s facebook

  • Only In America…

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to East Africa with Garrison, my 13 year old son. It was his first time to leave the United States and to experience a different country. We learned so much while we were on the trip, but I know that we can both confidently say that we are […]

  • Lessons In Failed Leadership… How To Take A Bad Situation and Make It Worse

    Jehoiakim was King of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian King, marched on Jerusalem and laid siege to the capital of the Southern Kingdom. Jehoiakim died during the siege and Jehoiachin replaced him as king for a brief 3 months before the city is taken over by Babylon. Jehoiachin was exiled along with most of the […]

  • Leaving the Mountain

    We all have seasons in our life where we feel like we’re on top of the world. The struggles of life are there… the bills, the job, the tough relationships….but life seems to be on the optimistic side. Mountain top experiences are often extremely spiritual experiences where God really reveals who He is to us in clearer […]

  • chocolate

    Oh the Joys of Valentines!

    Valentine’s Day…. a day that strikes fear in the heart of men everywhere as they try to not be “the guy” who forgets or who buys “that gift”. The Japanese have a tradition on February 14 that is much different than our American tradition.  On Valentines in Japan, the women buy the men chocolate and […]

  • RE-dig the Wells

    Abraham was dead, Sarah had passed away years before… and Isaac was the new patriarch. It’s interesting in reading the story of Abraham and Isaac that just following the burial account of Abraham, we see into the life of Isaac and what he does next. Look at the verses in Genesis 26:18-25. ———— 18 Isaac […]

  • With Friends like these, I’d hate to see my enemies…

    Job 12:5 Those who are comfortable don’t care that others have trouble;  they think it right that those people should have troubles. It struck me this morning just how much like Job’s friends I have been over the years… There’s a deep seeded belief system in so many of us that wants to explain suffering […]


    I’m trying a new Bible reading plan this year from  Youversion is a website that is being developed by and it’s whole purpose is to create tools and resources to help us grow spiritually.  There are dozens of translations of the Bible available. I’ve seen about 20 different Bible reading plans… there’s a […]