• The Simons Christmas 2009

    Merry Christmas From The Simons…

    The Simons would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.  We hope you have an amazing holiday with your family and friends as you remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior.  This Christmas season we had the joy and privilege of having Jean-nette Schwartz join our family as she continues to recover […]

  • lamb2

    The Very Different Lamb…Short Story By Natalie, our 8 year old daughter

    There once was a very different lamb. He had just been born. But there was something not normal about Zacchaeus, the very different lamb. He was born with shaggy hair instead of fluffy hair. He was always embarrassed. The shepherds noticed him always walking away from the other sheep. They tried to talk to him […]

  • xmas_lights

    Christmas Decorations…

    There’s an email floating around this week about a guy that used some creativity displaying his Christmas lights on his house… I’ve included the email with a picture… funny stuff… not sure the stories in this email are true, as can’t verify the facts, but my mind can imagine some funny things happening with […]

  • 3 Words You Never Want to Hear at Christmas…

    By now you’ve braved the crazy mall shoppers and battled traffic on the 71st street corridor…you’ve shuffled the kids around to all their sports events and recitals and you’re in the midst of attending all the social functions and company parties. Maybe in the coming days you’ll be skipping lunch at work to strategically order […]

  • Tiger Woods’ Transgressions

    Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard the news about Tiger. It’s amazing how these stories seem to always play out… we hear news of a strange incident that raises suspicion, and days later as the story unravels, we find yet another public figure who is humiliated and hounded by media wanting […]

  • Remembering Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty

    I met Billy Joe Daugherty over 20 years ago while attending ORU as a student. I was in awe of the ministry of Victory and it’s sheer size and impact on the Tulsa community… I had met a few “mega” pastors and church leaders before attending ORU, but there was something different about Billy Joe. […]

  • Expectations

    Sunday AM message at The Assembly.

  • Coach: He Picks You Up

    Part 1 of a series at The Assembly…Coach

  • Family: More Than A Vacation

    Part 1 of a series at The Assembly…Family: More Than A Vacation

  • Mirrors

    Sunday pm message at The Assembly…

  • When Desire Turns To Obligation

    First Sunday of the year at The Assembly…

  • Hungry?

    Sunday morning message…